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15 Jahre

Piero Lagonigro was born in Mexico City in 1963. At the age of one he moved with his family to italy (Rome), the country of his father.
After some years he moved back to Mexico city and still a teenager he began to live in different places: California, the Caribbean, Texas and Europe.
These varieties of cultures have endowed Lagonigro with a rich heritage and a multitude of possibilities.
Mainly autodidactic, his style of expression combines elements of cubism and italian metaphysics, explodes with colours, and is driven by the experience of his own personal history.
Development is essential to Lagonigro, both on a thematic and technical level, and with each work he strives to perfect his technique and effectuate his theme.
The spectator is the one who discovers the message.
Lagonigro lives and works between Zurich CH and Oaxaca MEX.

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